"Padgett has been more helpful to me than any other accounting firm in 30 years"
Dr. Donald Cudmore, Saint John, NB

"Padgett has brought more value to my business in the first 30 minutes of our relationship, than my last accountant did in three years"
Paul Cunningham, Multiple Franchise Owner Herbal Magic, Fredericton, NB

"The accuracy of their information is what I value most, especially when it comes to difficult accounting and tax issues."
Mike & Debbie Hickey, owners Ossekeag Publishing Co. Ltd

"I like the idea of getting monthly analysis with the Padgett Reality Check"
Steve Sweeney, owner Simply For Life, Moncton, NB

"We�re very pleased with Padgett�s month to month reporting, it gives us a clearer picture of where we stand and helps us get to our goals"
Jillian Burchill, owner Simply For Life, Fredericton, NB

�Padgett allows me to stay on top of my financial performance.�

Joe Foote, President Quality Respiratory Care Inc, Saint John, NB

�Padgett has helped us make major decisions that will have a positive impact on the future of our Business�
Carl Tricky, owner of Mahogany Manor B&B

�Padgett offers me personal service, it�s efficient, I can talk with them anytime, It�s how I like to do business�

Garth Millar owner Seely Street B&B

� The best thing about Padgett is the monthly reporting�
Judith Arbow Flare Learning

�Padgett does a lot for me and gives me guidance�
Jae Kwon owner JNS Cleaners

�It�s good having expert advice in small business that helps you get a good overview of your business. Paytrak Payroll is the best thing ever invented, cost effective, stress free, the greatest thing since sliced bread, I should have done it years ago.�
Tim Cochran, owner Cochran�s Country Market and Bakery

�I like the PayTrak format , it�s easy to read and easy to get the information I want�
David Keeping, CA, Rothesay Netherwood School

�I�m thrilled with PayTrak Payroll services, It�s so convenient�
Sue Cairns-McVicar, owner Body Shop and Exit Realty

�The best part of Padgett�s service for me is time, I save a lot of time and stress.�

Junior Michaud, owner SFL clinic Tracadie Sheila

�Padgett takes a load off�
Mike Beman owner MK Auto Recyclers

�With Padgett I�m finally getting things done and caught up�

Blake Armstrong owner, Smoothy�s

�Everything I call for gets done�
Danny Godin owner Godin Concrete

� I�ve got questions, Padgett�s got answers�
Barb Magee owner State Farm Insurance

�Padgett Paytrak Payroll Service is very helpful and very easy�

David Calvin owner, Chicken Man

�Padgett�s monthly reporting is awesome�
Sandra and Greg Stewart , Greg Stewart�s Trucking

Padgett�s monthly service gives me less to worry about, I�m learning at the same time and it�s helped me to know where I am right now�
Dr. Chuck Abbate KV Animal Hospital

�Padgett Paytrak Payroll keeps me out of tax trouble with CRA�
Dr. Laurel Comeau

�Paytrak Payroll is time times easier than my previous payroll provider, it saves me so much time�
Kathy Bureaux owner Seaboard Management

PADGETT - The Small Biz Pros

In 1965, Walter Padgett had a vision. As a small business owner in Athens, Georgia, he witnessed fellow business owners struggling to manage their companies' tax and financial issues.

His solution?

Padgett Business Services, a company that provides small businesses with the expertise they need to address those issues and assist them in building a successful business.

Decades later, we're proud to say, small business owners still rely on Padgett. So much so that we now have thousands of clients across all industries, and hundreds of local owner-operated offices.